Market Research Company Ethiopia

Market Research Company in Ethiopia

When it comes to detailed & comprehensive market research, Research 8020 is the market research company in Ethiopia to trust. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals have help clients understand the Ethiopian market end-to-end. Our vast experience in market research brings comprehensive solutions that will surpass your expectations. We unearth insights by leveraging on technology.

Over the years we have been offering unparalleled customized research services to both national & international clients. We provide different market analysis methods, which offers brand with a deep understanding of their competitors and overall market place. We assist brands to keep an eye on changing demands and in-market performance through bespoke research techniques.

We help business in doing different types of surveys to give insight into the users and market

Market profiling & segmentation is a critical process for businesses seeking to change their marketing tactic. Executing segmentation study will clearly identify the segment that’ll produce the highest return by offering a complete view of how to successfully reach & engage that segment. Our experts are capable of designing a market segmentation to offer clients an unmatched informational foundation for growth.

Nearly nine out of ten new launches fail (both products & businesses). New product concept analysis survey done by our expert market researchers offer an objective way to find out whether the market will accept your product – before you launch. Product concept analysis survey also helps to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Monitoring & Evaluation is an important part of programme execution. We look at evaluation as a systematic & objective evaluation of a continuing or completed project. The goal is to find out the relevance & fulfillment of objectives, development efficiency, impact and sustainability.

In the field of market research, fieldwork is the term employed for the collection of principal data from external sources, it’s generally followed by a data processing step and then analysis and reporting. Our market research expert takes the responsibility to make sure fieldwork is carried out according to strict guidelines relating to data protection & reliability.

Quick statistics of ETHIOPIA
Country Ethiopia
National Population 112,078,730
Capital City Addis Ababa
Population 2,757,729
Other Notable Cities
  1. Dire Dawa
  2. Mek’ele
  3. Nazret
  4. Bahir Dar
GDP Nominal $91B
GDP Per Capita $951
Life Expectancy
59 years
Literacy Rate 49%
Employment Rate 82%
Poverty Rate 21%
Mobile Penetration 74%
Internet Penetration 19%