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Research 8020 – Trusted Market Research Company in Kenya

Research 8020 is a well established market research company in Kenya. We offer Market research, monitoring & evaluation and data collection services. We are experts in finding and engaging with your target audience. Be it face-to-face, telephonic or online interviews. Helping clients to understand the Kenyan market is at the core of our value proposition.

As a full service company for market research in Kenya, we specialize in customized quantitative research and qualitative research solutions. We have over a decade of experience in market research. We have adopted the latest technologies when it comes to the market research process. This guarantees accurate, timely and cost effective feedback every time. Our time-tested approaches yield a powerful insights of market and consumer behavior.

Our Kenya market research solutions are properly designed to meet industry-best standards. We take data quality very seriously. We keep a close eye of the entire data collection, data analysis and reporting process to ensure there are no errors.

Our market research offering is further broken down to three distinct services: Market research, monitoring and evaluation, fieldwork/data collection and data analysis.

Some of the major services we provide include:

In a competitive environment, it’s necessary to measure the quality of customer services that your employees are providing at the point of service. We aim to work with clients to grow customer loyalty and improve profitability. The main objective of our market research solutions ensures that you launch superior products and services at the best possible value.

As one of the leading market research companies in Kenya, Research 8020 works with clients to improve their efficiency through quality data insights that distinguish them from the competition.

Our market research tactics are flexible to match your needs and standards are maintained by our senior experienced researchers within our team.

How can the impact of development programmes be assessed with a view to improving their efficiency and effectiveness?

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is vital to ensuring that lessons are learned in terms of what works and what doesn’t in development. Understanding how and why programmes lead to desired (or undesired) outcomes can provide an evidence base for future policy making and project planning. M&E also supports the need for aid agencies to be accountable for and demonstrate the results of their programmes.

Monitoring and Evaluation can take place at the project, programme, sector, or policy level. It can be undertaken by programme managers or external consultants and will usually involve local stakeholders.

Most of Monitoring & evaluation is done under challenging conditions due to the nature of most programmes for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We have been offering Monitoring and Evaluation research solutions for more than a decade. Our skills have taken us some of the most challenging environments in Africa. We know, from experience, what works and what doesn’t.

Our field work comprises of a multi-stage process supervised by a central team. Our field work and data collection for market research in Kenya follows a strict quality control mechanism under close supervision.

We conduct direct supervision with our team of experienced coordinators during field work and data collection. Our market research company in Kenya conducts thorough training of fieldwork teams. They are then qualified based on their understanding of research requirements.

Further, we have a quality control team that does random checks and callbacks to ensure that the data we provide you is of the highest standards and quality.

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