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Research 8020 – A Trusted Market Research Company in Nigeria

Market research plays a vital role in making the right decisions and avoiding pricy mistakes for businesses. We at Research 8020 being a leading market research company in Nigeria believe that market research is the fundamental of any business. Therefore, we involve all the necessary tactics, tools, and the latest technology to provide the most reliablemarket research in Nigeria. Our experienced executives stay up to date with the market and all other relative aspects of market research in Nigeria.

Our market research services include quantitative as well as qualitative research solutions. We follow strict quality control processes which make us one of the most trustworthy market research companies in Nigeria.

Some of the major services we provide include:

In a competitive environment, it’s necessary to measure the quality of customer services that your employees are providing at the point of service. We aim to work with clients to grow customer loyalty and improve profitability. The main objective of our market research solutions ensures that you launch superior products and services at the best possible value.

As one of the leading market research companies in Nigeria, Research 8020 works with clients to improve their efficiency through quality data insights that distinguish them from the competition.

Our market research tactics are flexible to match your needs and standards are maintained by our senior experienced researchers within our team.

Our thorough monitoring and evaluation survey at Research 8020 allows us to fulfill your unique needs efficiently. We utilize numerous approaches for conducting monitoring and evaluation surveys in Nigeria. We make sure to choose the tools that help us serve your unique needs. Our aim is to unearth insights that meet up and even exceeds the expectations of our clients. Therefore, we incorporate creativity, innovativeness, and versatility to our market research and M&E techniques, which is why our clients consider us as one of the most dependable market research companies in Nigeria and nearby. The monitoring and evaluation surveys we carry out creates an atmosphere where the best usage of resources and transparent practices can take place. Our monitoring and evaluation surveys goes with most of the initiatives that are precisely built to give rise to objectivity; make the best use of returns, and above all, reduce the amount of time and cost.

We at Research 8020 are a progressive digital age market research company in Nigeria. What makes us different from our competitors is that we gather all the essential insights that help in incorporating innovativeness to your business and the growth of your brand anywhere in Africa.

We employ advanced technology in our fieldwork and data collection services, which makes it the most effective solution for your business growth. From designing the survey to analyzing the data, our experienced team of researchers understands the process. Therefore, a comprehensive perspective with keen attention to detail is part and parcel of our data collection process. Further, we employ backend quality controls to ensure the reliability of our data through leveraging on technology. All this allows us to provide precise feedback of the highest standards in record time and minimal price.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art market research techniques and tools; contact us today.

Quick statistics of NIGERIA
Country Nigeria
National Population 200,963,599
Capital city Abuja
Population 2,440,000
Other Notable Cities
  1. Lagos
  2. Kano
  3. Ibadan
GDP Nominal $445B
GDP Per Capita $2,233
Life Expectancy
54 years
Literacy Rate 60%
Employment Rate 77%
Poverty Rate 43%
Mobile Penetration 87%
Internet Penetration 61%