Research 8020 is a digital-age Market Research Company in Africa offering both market research and social research surveys. We have been providing end-to-end market research solutions for over 300 organizations varying from private companies to non-governmental organizations. 

As a dynamic market research company in Africa, Research 8020 takes pride in unearthing useful insights that our clients use for innovation and brand growth.

With our highly experienced group of professionals, you are guaranteed to get creative and innovative solutions for your market research needs.

Our specialty in market research in Africa focuses on both qualitative and quantitative research. We have invested all the required research tools and equipment to enable do online surveys, mobile surveys, telephone surveys and, where needed, paper surveys.


As a trusted Market Research Company in Africa, our approach is built around our clients unique needs. This is an end-to-end process that begins with understanding their objectives, to ensure that these objectives are well translated into research methods.

Research methods that will in turn give us a front row view into your the needs and frustrations of your target audience.

This offers key insights that will feed into your strategy.

We spend a significant amount of time to ensure that the market research results we provide are accurate and reliable.

Research 8020 follows a strict quality control process based on ESOMAR’s International Code of conduct.

We leave no stone unturned.

Market Research Company Africa – We offer you high quality market research surveys at an unmatched price.

Research 8020 embraces the latest technologies in data collection and analytics and leverage on them through the entire market research process to guarantee high-quality and accurate feedback.

We are committed to give you full value for every penny you spend.

Contact us for a quote and you will see what we mean.

Our experienced team have conducted market research studies in more than 24 countries across the African continent.

We have learnt valuable lessons which enable us to know what it takes to succeed even in the most challenging environments of Africa.

We know, from experience, what works and what doesn’t work.



“We consider Research 8020 as market research experts. Their collaborative and innovative spirit have maintained them as our go-to experts for our most important projects. They are very reasonable and easy to work with. I feel confident recommending Research 8020 for their forward-thinking market research strategies.” – MORL

“We always remember our first research project with Research 8020. The company designed an innovative research methodology that yielded commendable insights for our social marketing campaigns. In our opinion, it was their knowledge and creativity that resulted in such impressive results.”


“Research 8020 helped us identify areas of our business that needed improvement.

Their results and recommendations quickly translated to business growth.

We trust them to give us feedback about our market and stakeholders.”