Research 8020 is a progressive digital-age Market Research Company offering both market research surveys and social research services. We gather the key insights needed for your innovation and brand growth anywhere in Africa.

We are a group of professionals focused on making creative and innovative solutions to your research and business objectives. Our solutions are tailored to help FIND your target customers, UNDERSTAND their needs,  and CONNECT with them.

Our winning culture defines the attitudes and behavior that are required to enable us serve you professionally, cost effectively while giving you priceless insight for your industry.


As a Market Research Company our research approach is built around your unique needs. It’s an end-to-end process that begins in the issues phase so that the research objectives are well translated into research methods. Research methods that will in turn give us a front row view into your the needs and frustrations of your target audience.

We spend a significant amount of time to ensure that the results we provide are accurate and reliable.

We follow a strict quality control process based on ESOMAR’s International Code of conduct. We leave no stone unturned!

We offer you high quality market research at an unmatched price.

We are committed to give you full value for every penny you spend.

And we are not just saying this, contact us for a quote and you will see what we mean.

Our team have traversed more than 24 countries across the continent interviewing, observing and immersing themselves with consumers and stakeholders. We have learnt valuable lessons which enable us to know from experience what it takes to succeed even in the most difficult and volatile operating environments.

Where necessary, we embrace the latest technologies in data collection and analytics and leverage on them through the entire market research process to guarantee high-quality and accurate feedback, in record time and at a price far below what you are thinking :-).



Market research is the process that links the consumers, customers, and end users to you through information. You can use this information to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process. Show More..
Researching your market helps you target your ideal customer, identify new market opportunities and improve your sales performance. Successful businesses make regular market research the foundation of their marketing and sales planning.You can develop strong marketing strategies based on what you find out about your products and services, your customers, your competitors, your industry and the challenges in your marketplace.Show More..
Market research can also help you identify areas of your business that could be updated or changed. It’s important to clearly define your market research goals so that you can give yourself the best chance of finding accurate and useful results